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Professional Schutzhund Training Mini Blind - 27 1/2 inches47 1/5 inches (Color: 1659, Tamaño: 1659)

(Professional Schutzhund Training Mini Blind - 27 1/2 inches47 1/5 inches)

Reinforced polymer fabrics of high density.
Aluminum/steel construction.
Standard dimensions for Schutzhund competition, trial and club training.
Light weight and compact dimensions.
weight with bag - 4 2/5 lbs (2 kg).

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Professional Schutzhund Training Mini Blind - 27 1/2 inches47 1/5 inches (Color: 1659, Tamaño: 1659) Professional Schutzhund Training Mini Blind - 27 1/2 inches47 1/5 inches (Color: 1659, Tamaño: 1659)

Descripción del fabricante

Easily assembled Schutzhund Mini Blind

Do you want your dog to be a champion? Well, who doesn't? The key to success remains the same - you need patience, consistency and professional training equipment. You are offered one of the best Pro Training Equipment - Schutzhund Mini Blind. It was specially developed to be used during Schutzhund training sessions. The Blind has many advantageous features and is perfect to prepare young dog to training with large blinds. We are sure that your dog has all necessary features to become a true champion! Let's raise the champion together!

This Schutzhund Blind has light weight and can be easily carried by one person. Still, it is very firm. Our designers developed a system of special fasteners and sharp tips for you not to worry that the Blind will fall down and break off the training process. However, please be attentive when placing this Schutzhund Blind and make sure you followed all recomendations concerning the mounting of the item.

All parts of the Blind's construction are made of firm metals. You don't need to have special skills to assemble the Blind. We created it as handy as possible and will be happy if you use this part of training equipment when preparing your pet to Schutzhund trial. With this Mini Blind you will also get a special bag to carry the Blind. It's available For Free and will be very importart when you need to get the Blind out of the car or to carry it on the field. Training sessions with our equipment become more effective, because we care about your comfort and as a result you can focus on the training itself.

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