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Categoría: Soldadura - fuentes - flujo

MG Chemicals Flux Pen Soldering, 2 x 10 mL, Amber (Color: Amber, Tamaño: 2 x 10 mL)

(MG Chemicals Flux Pen Soldering, 2 x 10 mL, Amber)

For leaded and lead-free solder.
Fast wetting.
RoHS compliant.


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Precio: Q209


MG Chemicals Flux Pen Soldering, 2 x 10 mL, Amber (Color: Amber, Tamaño: 2 x 10 mL)

Descripción del fabricante

DESCRIPTION: the 835-p rosin flux pen contains a Type RA rosin-activated flux composed of Pure water white (WW) grade gum rosin. It is a unique solvent system that contains very effective activators. The superior fluxing remains consistent throughout the entire aeration process. The 835 provides fast wetting action and complies with all requirements for Type Rom1 flux per j-std-004. Application: the 835-p pen is designed to dispense flux in a precise application and used for leaded and lead-free chemistries. Excellent for prototyping and rework/repair on printed circuit boards. Works well on chip carriers, heat sinks, surface mounted device pads, switches, and sockets. Application instructions: the flux pen controls the flow via a spring-loaded felt tip. This helps keep evaporation to a minimum between use. 1. Depress the tip against a hard surface until the felt tip gets wet, but not flooding. 2. Gently brush the wet tip onto the soldering area to apply. To keep the felt saturated and the flow controlled, only press in the tip as needed. Attention! do not continuously keep the tip Depressed or do not press too hard. This can jam the Valve open and cause flooding. Note that a fresh felt tip will take a several seconds to fully saturate, so expect a delay before the flux starts to flow on first use. Moving the tip in circular motion can help loosen the felt fibers and speed up the saturation process.

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