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Categoría: Rodillos de pintura

Drywall Texture Pattern Roller for Decorative Paint Texturing (Poinsettia Pattern)

MATCH EXISTING TEXTURE OR CREATE FUN NEW TEXTURE PATTERNS WITH THIS DECORATIVE DRYWALL ROLLER - Ideal for new construction or remodeling, matching texture patterns on plaster and drywall repairs, patching or blending with existing texture; hides small flaws, bumps and dents in wall finish - see photo for sample pattern.
FOAM RUBBER TEXTURE ROLLER COVER FITS ANY STANDARD 9" PAINT ROLLER CAGE - Applies texture pattern to walls using drywall mud.
MATCH DECORATIVE WALL DESIGN PATTERNS FOR REPAIRS, REMODELING, DIY, PATCHES, ROOM ADDITIONS AND MORE - Multiple designs available for matching many design patterns for walls and ceilings.
IMPORTANT DIRECTIONS: PLEASE READ PRIOR TO APPLYING TEXTURE: Thin drywall mud to pancake batter consistency; pour into paint roller tray; apply thick coat of mud to wall with heavy nap roller, then roll moist texture roller across wet mud using symmetrical or random pattern, depending on desired look.
Experiment with roller pressure to achieve desired pattern.
NOTE: IT IS IMPORTANT TO USE DRYWALL MUD TO ACHIEVE DESIRED TEXTURE EFFECTS; Paint is too thin to stand up will not produce the correct texture and definition..

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Drywall Texture Pattern Roller for Decorative Paint Texturing (Poinsettia Pattern) Drywall Texture Pattern Roller for Decorative Paint Texturing (Poinsettia Pattern) Drywall Texture Pattern Roller for Decorative Paint Texturing (Poinsettia Pattern)
Drywall Texture Pattern Roller for Decorative Paint Texturing (Poinsettia Pattern)

Descripción del fabricante

Drywall Texture Paint Roller

Create unique and interesting paint and plaster texture patterns with foam rubber drywall texture rollers. You can use paint texture rollers for knockdown and stand-up drywall texture patterns. The rubber roller fits on any standard 9 paint frame, and is easily washed with water.

Creating the pattern is simple:
- Thin your drywall joint compound down to a workable consistency. You may need to experiment with the consistency to get the desired look, but pancake batter thickness is the general guideline for texturing with a roller
- Use a paint tray to hold the mud for your roller. Use a heavy nap paint roller to apply a coat of mud to the area to be textured
- For a smoother and more defined texture pattern, skim mud lightly with a taping knife or trowel to smooth the surface prior to applying roller. For a more textured and chunky look, do not smooth nap marks out of mud coat
- Wet texture roller lightly and roll across wet mud coat. Test varying amounts of pressure to achieve the desired look. You can roll in straight lines for a more symmetric look or vary direction for a more random pattern.

A thinner layer of mud results in a more subtle pattern while a thicker coat of mud creates more dramatic and raised texture.

Thicker consistency of mud will show the texture pattern more distinctly, while mud mixed thinner will result in a more abstract looking pattern.

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