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Categoría: Ratones (Mouse)

Air58 - Cherry Blossom Red (Color: red)

(Air58 - Cherry Blossom Red)

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Air58 - Cherry Blossom Red (Color: red) Air58 - Cherry Blossom Red (Color: red)

Descripción del fabricante

The Perfect esports Mouse Air and Art. Beautiful, like an ocean breeze flowing under your hand. 58 grams, should we say more? Words can't explain, must experience. It feels like air, in your hand. It makes the Ultralight feel heavy. It is the Air58. Hand painted and engraved Individualized Haiku Scrolls on every mouse. Beautiful Haikus from ancient masters. Some rare, some more common, your Haiku is unique to you. Find them all to uncover the treasure. The path will take you out into nature. Phantomcord is there also, to let the Air be free. How did we get it so light? How did we create air? Everything was redesigned from the ground up, but still with the classic shape of the Phantom and ULP. New bottom chassis, new lattice geometry on the sides (that also adds grip), new PCB, new internal frame... the list goes on. It simply feels like magic. Comes in a sexy Cherry Blossom Red, and Cherry Blossom Blue. The same industry standard performance you have come to expect from the Ultralight Pro and Phantom. Still best in class sensor and input latency across the board. Improved raw materials on the scroll wheel to ensure your wheel will last ages. Timeless, like the haikus themselves.

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