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Categoría: Pintura y solventes

P-QT-Jade Jaded (Color: Jaded, Tamaño: 32 oz)

(P-QT-Jade Jaded)

High quality chalk finish paint that typically covers in 1 to 2 coats.
Minimal prep, no sanding, primer or stripping needed.
Ready mix formula, no need to add water.
We recommend applying paint with our Chalky Chicks Paint brush, your own chalk style paint brush, or an HVLP paint sprayer with a 2.5 mm needle/tip..
Adheres to stained wood, raw wood, laminate, glass, resin, metal, brick, cement and when paint is diluted with water, our paint acts as a stain on fabric.
Yes! You can paint your couch!.
Ultra low VOC, kid and indoor friendly.
Seal with a clear furniture wax or a polycrylic to protect your finish.
If yours is an outdoor project, seal with an exterior polycrylic..
1 QT will cover up to 150 SQ feet, depending upon technique used to apply paint..
Jaded is a green/blue peacock blue.


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P-QT-Jade Jaded (Color: Jaded, Tamaño: 32 oz) P-QT-Jade Jaded (Color: Jaded, Tamaño: 32 oz) P-QT-Jade Jaded (Color: Jaded, Tamaño: 32 oz)
P-QT-Jade Jaded (Color: Jaded, Tamaño: 32 oz) P-QT-Jade Jaded (Color: Jaded, Tamaño: 32 oz)
P-QT-Jade Jaded (Color: Jaded, Tamaño: 32 oz) P-QT-Jade Jaded (Color: Jaded, Tamaño: 32 oz)

Descripción del fabricante

Did you spend more money than you ever have before on a quart of paint (if you don't tell your hubby how much it cost, we won't either) only to get it home and timidly add water to thin it out, praying the whole time you weren't going to ruin it? We've been there and it sucked all the joy out of painting our furniture! We've been painting and distressing furniture for 15 years and had to find a way to address our own frustrations and concerns with the product lines that existed. We wanted to open the can, dip our paint brush in and have it finished in the same day. As we talked with others who love the hobby or are offering their services professionally, like us, they wanted the same experience. So we went to work, perfecting the consistency (it spreads like butter), the coverage, the drying time, how well it distresses and the fact that you can pour it directly into a HVLP paint gun and get to work. There is no guess work with this paint! Even a novice can produce a beautiful, flawless piece that will make you look like a pro!

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