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Categoría: Pintura - pistolas

ANEST IWATA Super Basecoat HVLP Spray Gun - LPH400-LVB

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ANEST IWATA Super Basecoat HVLP Spray Gun - LPH400-LVB

Descripción del fabricante

You get improved control and great results on refinish paints containing pearls and fine metallic when you use the Anest Iwata Super Basecoat HVLP Spray Gun for your automobile paint jobs. This HVLP spray gun has everything to provide better metallic control and prevents blotching, mottling, floating and streaking. Use it for basecoat and you get a 10 to 12 inch full spray pattern at four inches. Operating the Anest Iwata Super Basecoat HVLP Spray Gun: Connect air hose to the gun inlet. Ensure that the air adjusting valve on the gun handle is completely open. Keep the Pattern Adjusting Valve and Fluid Adjusting Knob completely open too. To reduce pattern width, adjust the Fluid Adjusting Knob to decrease material output and spray at a closer distance. Set the paint viscosity as per the paint property and painting conditions. Maintain a small fluid output without hindering the operation, since a small output will lead to better finish and atomization. Keep a spray distance of 100-200 inches. A spray distance greater than this will not provide desired results since this gun operates at low air pressure. Hold the gun such that it is perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece at all times. Move the gun in a straight and horizontal line for even paint finishes. It is recommended to have a spray overlap of 50% to 70%. Key Features of the Anest Iwata Super Basecoat HVLP Spray Gun: Includes a 600ml plastic cup. Inlet Air Pressure of 10 psi or lower at full trigger stroke. Full spray pattern of 10 to 12 inches when operated at a spray distance of four inches. Technical Specifications: Nozzle size: 1.4 mm (0.055) Atomizing PSI: 14.0 CFM: 8.3 Pattern width: 325 mm (12.8) Air cap model: LVB Weight: 362 g (0.80 lbs.) Usage: Automotive Fine Metallic and Pearls

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