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Categoría: Piezas bomba - agua

WaterWorker 153921 44Gal Vertical Well Tank, 44-Gallon (Tamaño: 44 Gallon)

(WaterWorker 153921 44Gal Vertical Well Tank, 44-Gallon)

Designed to meet the requirements of, and are listed by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) under ANSI/NSF Std 61.
The Butyl diaphragm has seamless construction and is designed to flex rather than stretch and crease like bladder tanks.
The polypropylene liner for the water reservoir will not flake, chip, crack or peel and does not impart taste and odor to the water.
Diaphragm, liner isolate water from contact with deep drawn steel domed shell - twice as strong as rolled steel shell of same thickness.
A high gloss enamel finish protects tank from the elements.
Pre-charged to 25psi: please refer to product manual for proper pre-charge setting.


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WaterWorker 153921 44Gal Vertical Well Tank, 44-Gallon (Tamaño: 44 Gallon)
WaterWorker 153921 44Gal Vertical Well Tank, 44-Gallon (Tamaño: 44 Gallon)

Descripción del fabricante

Factory pre-charge: 38 psi (pounds per square inch). maximum working pressure 100 psi. Maximum operating temperature 200 F (Degree Fahrenheit). engineered to provide years of trouble-free service using cold rolled steel for a higher strength to weight ratio. Rugged, stable steel base with protective plastic strip. Heavy-duty butyl rubber diaphragm and durable polyolefin liner to prevent corrosion. Water worker tanks feature an appliance quality finish which is resistant to sunlight and harsh conditions. All tanks are completely lead free for safety. Meets nsf (National Sanitation foundation) standard 61 for clean, safe drinking water. 5 year warranty. Blue tank.

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