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Categoría: Peluches y peluches - animales de peluche y osos de peluche

GiftsForYouNow Embroidered Plush Peek-A-Boo Bear - Personalized - from (Color: Beige)

(GiftsForYouNow Embroidered Plush Peek-A-Boo Bear - Personalized - from)

Lasting Keepsake Gift - When you add a child's name and a date to the bear's blanket, you'll always have a reminder of a special day in a child's life.
Classic Designed Plush Bear - The traditional look of this Teddy bear will be irresistible for parents and kids alike.
Moveable Teddy Bear - You can use the movable parts on the toy bear to raise and lower the blanket it's holding, paying a game of peek-a-boo.
Talking Children's Toy - Toddlers will be amazed when the bear talks each time they press its foot.
Memorable Gift - With the ability to personalize it, this soft Teddy bear becomes a perfect baby shower or baby's first birthday gift.

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GiftsForYouNow Embroidered Plush Peek-A-Boo Bear - Personalized - from (Color: Beige) GiftsForYouNow Embroidered Plush Peek-A-Boo Bear - Personalized - from (Color: Beige)

Descripción del fabricante

A perfect keepsake your new addition or a gift for your child or grandchild. They are sure to get hours of excitement when they play peek-a-boo with the adorable Embroidered Bear from GiftsForYouNow. Holding a cream-colored blanket, this beige soft plush bear will raise and lower his blanket to play a game of peek-a-boo when his foot is pressed. This is sure to bring laughter from your child. The bear's mouth moves as he says Peek-a-boo, I see you, and other phrases to your child. The soft plush fur will be gentle against young skin. Free personalization is included. We will embroider the blanket with any name and date in your favorite thread color, making it a baby shower gift that will be cherished for many years to come. You can make it a perfect gift by adding the personal touch to this classic teddy bear stuffed animal. The bear is the perfect size, ensuring it won't be overwhelming for babies or toddlers. The toy is made from the highest quality materials for long wear.

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