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Ear defenders for women (Turqoise) (Color: Turqoise)

(Ear defenders for women (Turqoise))

MOST SOLID PROTECTION - Vanderfields NR35X2 has an Official 26dB NRR and reduces up to 125dB.
Vanderfields has High Production Standards and is used by Elite Military Forces..
SAFE MULTI-PURPOSE USE - Ideal to block out noises caused by Airports, Shootings, Woodworking, large crowds, Gardening, Fireworks, Machining and household tools or other troublesome noise..
EXTREME COMFORT - Lightweight and extremely comfortable to carry around due to the foldable design.
The padded ear cushion applies a comfort and snug fit.
For Adult & Child.
PERFECT FIT - Perfect for Your ears and offers an Enjoyable fit! Strong & High Quality parts that make the protective ear muffs sturdy and robust.
Comes with an adjustable headband for adults.
High Production Standards and used for Passive Protection Pistol Outdoor Sports.
WE STAND BY YOUR SIDE - Vanderfields offers High Quality Protection Products.
Our team is always ready to help you get the most out of your products.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! >> Get Active and Purchase Vanderfields Protective Earmuffs Now!.


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Ear defenders for women (Turqoise) (Color: Turqoise) Ear defenders for women (Turqoise) (Color: Turqoise) Ear defenders for women (Turqoise) (Color: Turqoise)
Ear defenders for women (Turqoise) (Color: Turqoise) Ear defenders for women (Turqoise) (Color: Turqoise)
Ear defenders for women (Turqoise) (Color: Turqoise)

Descripción del fabricante

Why Do You Need These Shooting Ear Muffs?
Loud noises can cause permanent hearing loss and even accelerate the process of becoming deaf. The need for hearing protection is often misunderstood and underestimated.
Noise levels above 125 decibels for even short periods of time, can cause permanent hearing loss. When exposed to these decibels for longer periods of time the effects are even worse.
Our high Noise Reduction Rating (26NRR) Ear Muffs are one of the best ways to protect your hearing from damage.

ANSI S3.19 Tested & Certified (American National Standards Institute)
CE EN 352.1 Tested & Certified(European Standard)

When To Use Our Shooting Ear Muffs?
VANDERFIELDS ear protection muffs reduce loud sounds from outside to a more convenient level. You will still be able to hear what is going on around you but you can rest assured your hearing will not be permanently damaged! We advise to use them when you are surrounded by sounds with a higher dB level than 85. (example; when mowing the lawn, being at a construction site, shooting, etc.)

Premium Industrial Grade Quality
Our Ear Muffs are designed to work in harsh environments. We use the highest quality materials: 2 layers of our proprietary noise dampening foam, solid single cup design.

Great Comfort
When wearing our Ear Muffs you'll find that our headband uses ½ of padding with synthetic leather (which is easy to clean) and very comfortable. The -over-the-ears Ear Muffs are a definite snug fit, each cup tilts and swivels for a custom fit and the foam cushions add comfort and a secure seal around your ears.

Efficient Folding Design For Compact Storage
With adjustable pins to fit each head size from large to small.

100% Satisfaction and Risk-Free!

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