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Transcend 32 GB High Speed 10 UHS Flash Memory Card (TS32GSDU1)

(Transcend 32 GB High Speed 10 UHS Flash Memory Card (TS32GSDU1))

  •  Soporta Ultra Velocidades especificación Class 1 (U1)
  • Cumple con Class 10
  • Totalmente compatible con estándares SD 3.01
  • Código de corección de errores incorporado (ECC) para detectar y corregir errores de transferencia
  •  Soporta Protección de contenido para medios de grabación (CPRM) 
  • Fácil de usar, operación plug-and-play
  • Switch de protección de escritura mecánico
  • Compatible con dispositivos SDHC/SDXC
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    Transcend 32 GB High Speed 10 UHS Flash Memory Card (TS32GSDU1) Transcend 32 GB High Speed 10 UHS Flash Memory Card (TS32GSDU1)
    Transcend 32 GB High Speed 10 UHS Flash Memory Card (TS32GSDU1)

    Descripción del fabricante

    HTML Online Editor Sample

    Designed for photography enthusiasts and videographers, Transcend’s Premium SDHC Class 10 Ultra High Speed memory cards are ideal for enhancing the performance of mid-level DSLR and high-end point-and-shoot cameras. You can now capture, store, and transfer photos faster and more reliably than ever before.

    transcend read and write speeds
    Never drop a frame when you upgrade to the next generation premium SDHC UHS-I Card.
    High Speed Premium UHS-I Card

    Combining the already impressive Class 10 specification with the performance boost of UHS-I, Transcend’s Premium Class 10 SDHC Ultra High Speed memory cards can help your camera unleash its full potential. With an impressive transfer rate of up to 300x (45MB/s) and a wide range of capacities, this card is an ideal complement to any mid-level DSLR or high-end point-and-shoot cameras.

    NOTE: Maximum transfer speed can only be achieved if the devices support UHS-I interface.

    Full HD, 3-D, & 4K Video Recording Capabilities

    To capture every moment in brilliant color and stunning detail, Transcend's Premium SDHC Class 10 UHS-I cards are optimized to meet the rigorous demands of high-resolution image capture and smooth Full HD 1080p, 3-D and even next-generation 4K video recording.

    Improved Camera Response

    Transcend's Premium UHS-I cards enhance the performance of your DSLR by improving your camera's response time during continuous burst mode shooting. What’s more, with plenty of space to store countless images, these cards eliminate the need to pause and switch memory cards during extended photo shoots.

    camera image

    Excellent Compatibility & Post-Production Efficiency

    The versatile Premium SDHC Class 10 UHS-I cards offer excellent multi-platform compatibility for SDHC devices. When paired with a high-end card reader such as Transcend's USB 3.0 RDF8, RDF5, or ExpressCard RDF1, UHS-I cards can achieve maximum read/write speed and provide seamless transfer.

    Transcend recover
    RecoveRx Software

    With a purchase of Transcend SDHC Class 10 UHS-I cards, you can download our exclusive RecoveRx software for free. This user-friendly application allows you to conduct an in-depth search within your storage device for traces of erased files to be recovered.

    Transcend built in error correction
    Built-in Error Correction Code (ECC)

    The memory cards are equipped with built-in ECC, which automatically detects and corrects potential transfer errors. Paired with a write-protection switch, you’ll never have to worry about any data loss.

    Transcend ultimate
    600X (90 MB/s)

    For users of today’s latest UHS-I enabled DSLRs, hybrid cameras, and camcorders aiming to capture expert-quality images and smooth Full HD 1080p, 3-D and even 4K Ultra HD video.

    8 GB to 64 GB

    Transcend premium
    300X (45 MB/s)

    For photography enthusiasts equipped with mid-level DSLRs or sophisticated point-and-shoot cameras, these cards help you capture, store and transfer photos faster and more reliably than ever before.

    8 GB to 32 GB

    Transcend premium micro
    300X (45 MB/s)

    For smartphone and tablet users, these cards guarantee the best possible performance when running memory-intensive mobile apps and games, as well as Full HD video recording and playback.

    8 GB to 32 GB

    Storage Chart
      photos MFC-J625DW
      8 Megapixel JPEG1 12 Megapixel JPEG2 RAW3 Full HD4
    8 GB 1920 photos 1280 photos 548 photos 120 minutes
    16 GB 3840 photos 2560 photos 1096 photos 240 minutes
    32 GB 7680 photos 5120 photos 2192 photos 480 minutes

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