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Derwent Academy Watercolor Pencils, 3.3mm Core, Metal Tin, 24 Count (2301942) (Tamaño: 24 Count)

(Derwent Academy Watercolor Pencils, 3.3mm Core, Metal Tin, 24 Count (2301942))

Colors blend and dissolve easily to create gorgeous washes.
Easy-to-grip hexagonal 7mm barrel with easy color identification at top of pencil.
High-quality 3.3mm pigments ensure a smooth, even transfer to paper.
Draw out your painting and use a wet brush to dissolve pigment and paint.
Metal tin holds all 24 pencils that come in a range of gorgeous colors.

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Derwent Academy Watercolor Pencils, 3.3mm Core, Metal Tin, 24 Count (2301942) (Tamaño: 24 Count)

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Derwent Academy Watercolor Pencils, 24-Ct. Metal Tin

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Derwent Academy Watercolor Pencils offer an ideal introduction to the world of paint and wash for kids of all ages. It’s really like having two types of pencils in one. Draw your subject with a dry pencil. Then shave off a little of the color from the pencil and dissolve it in water. Now you have the perfect wash. Blend the colors together to create new ones and incorporate found items from your surroundings into your work like salt, paper and photographs to add areas of interest.

The 3.3 mm core offers vivid, blendable color laydown and the selection offers a range of color for unlimited creative options. This larger core size packs in more pigment and also offers a more stable grip for little budding artists.

Use them wet or dry, on wet or dry paper, to achieve a variety of effects, from bold, vibrant images to delicate watercolor washes. For sheer versatility in your creative work, watercolor is an unmatched medium. The convenient pod container secures your pencils just like a pencil case.

Derwent Academy Watercolor Pencils allow you to create in a variety of ways:

  • Dry pencil on wet or dry paper - Creates a firm line on dry paper and becomes spread out with soft edges on wet paper.
  • Wet pencil on wet or dry paper - Creates a soft-edged line for more ethereal renderings, such as sky and water.
  • Dry pencil and wash-over with a wet painbrush - Creates almost any visual effect with soft or hard edges.

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