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Categoría: Medición - niveles

Sokkia B40 24X Automatic Level 738340

7.9-inch minimum focusing distance.
1/16 inch accuracy, 0.5 arc-second compensator accuracy.
360 degrees/400 gons horizontal circle.
1 speed focusing knob.
IPX6 water resistant-5-year warranty.

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Sokkia B40 24X Automatic Level 738340 Sokkia B40 24X Automatic Level 738340 Sokkia B40 24X Automatic Level 738340
Sokkia B40 24X Automatic Level 738340 Sokkia B40 24X Automatic Level 738340
Sokkia B40 24X Automatic Level 738340

Descripción del fabricante

The Sokkia B40-25 Automatic Level with 24x magnification is a highly accurate surveying and construction tool for taking horizontal plane, angle, height, as well as distance measurements. Ideal for landscaping, fence building, setting foundation and more, this optical instrument features 1/16 inch accuracy, built-in compensator and a high-performance telescope that provides exceptionally bright and sharp view to reduce eye strain. The B40 25 has an ultra-short focus distance of 7.9 inches from end of the telescope, making it easy to use in confined locations. To ensure accuracy and stability even when exposed to temperature changes, vibrations, or shock, this auto level incorporates one of the most precise and reliable automatic compensator with a range of ±15 arc-minutes and 0.5 arc-seconds accuracy. You have the option for a diagonal eyepiece that facilitates work in extremely tight spots with little space behind the instrument. The two knobs of endless horizontal drives located on both sides of this Sokkia auto level can be operated with either hand for fast and easy aiming. In addition, the stadia lines on the reticle enable distance measurements by simply multiplying the staff length between the top and bottom stadia lines by 100. Horizontal angles can be read in degrees or gons with the readout window conveniently located directly below the eyepiece. The horizontal circle is also freely rotatable allowing any angle reading from zero. For fast and easy setup, the B series automatic levels fit flat-head and domed-head tripods even on inclined, uneven grounds. With the included tools, you can simply perform reticle and circular level vial adjustments. The circular level can also be seen on a plane mirror located beside the telescope eyepiece. With an IPX6 rating, the B40-25 has a tough and compact body that is tightly sealed against water, humidity and dust. This level comes with a plumb bob, lens cap, vinyl cover, cleaning cloth, tool kit, hard carrying case.

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