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Hydrographics MyDipKit - CF-11-72 - Water Transfer Printing - CLEAR & Gold Carbon Fiber (Entry Level) (Color: Carbon Fiber, Tamaño: Entry Level)

(Hydrographics MyDipKit - CF-11-72 - Water Transfer Printing - CLEAR & Gold Carbon Fiber (Entry Level))

DipkitStore provides the original, patented do-it-yourself version of the commercial process used to transfer patterns or images onto any hard surfaced part that can safely be submerged in water..
Each kit from DipKitStore comes with THE HIGHEST QUALITY film and absolutely everything else necessary to process your parts (minus the actual dipping container and a small amount of hot water)..
ENTRY LEVEL KIT: Film as seen in listing (20 inches by 6.6 feet), one (1) of each: aerosol primer, paint, activator, clear coat, prep kit with prep pad and respirator, plus step by step instructions..
Please contact us if you have any questions.
We offer technical support by email and phone if necessary.

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Hydrographics MyDipKit - CF-11-72 - Water Transfer Printing - CLEAR & Gold Carbon Fiber (Entry Level) (Color: Carbon Fiber, Tamaño: Entry Level)

Descripción del fabricante

PLEASE NOTE: This kit ships standard with a BLACK base paint, but this pattern can work with any we carry. You may specify White, Tan, Red, Blue, Neon Green, Medium Brown, Bright Orange, Hot Pink, or Silver in the comments box when you pay for your order, but if you don't specify, the kit will ship with BLACK - Our product is the only legitimate, patented professional-grade do it yourself water transfer printing kit. The materials in our kits are designed specifically for the professional hydro-dipping process by individuals with extensive experience. For your convenience, we have combined the same professional grade materials in an at home do it yourself kit. Every kit comes with the film shown in the listing (film length determined by kit level chosen) activator, primer, gloves, scuff pad, a respirator, and a specially designed pre-mixed aerosol base coat paint and high quality clear coat. We also provide thorough written instructions written by experienced processors with a combined 50 years in the industry. We provide technical support if necessary .Years in research were invested in order to provide a high quality clear coat with a hardening agent that cures over time. This means your dipped product will be resistant to the elements to fading and chipping for years to come. Plus, we carry over 200 patterns. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us. Nothing is more important to us than your satisfaction. DipKitStore's technical support speaks for itself. So trust that when you order from DipKitStore you are getting the best of what the market has to offer, not an impostor.

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