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Código de este producto: 7497380

Categoría: Manualidades - Papel

Deleter Comic Book Paper Type A B4/135kg with Scale (Color: A)

(Deleter Comic Book Paper Type A B4/135kg with Scale)

Commodity for both sexes..
Model : 2011034.
Manuscript paper B4 (135kg) with scale [A].
Japan Import.
is a Japanese manufacturer of Manga drawing materials, tools and designing supplies..

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Deleter Comic Book Paper Type A B4/135kg with Scale (Color: A) Deleter Comic Book Paper Type A B4/135kg with Scale (Color: A)

Descripción del fabricante

Besides scale, it also makes it easier to understand such as center registration marks, cutting marks, registration marks, etc. Paper quality is also smooth, fine-grained paper. The size of the paper has become consistent with JIS standard. Paper thickness is 135 kg and 110 kg. You can choose according to the drawing, such as the person who posts, the person who draws manga with a large number of pages. 40 sheets included. DELETER INC. is a manufacturer of comic painting materials and designing supplies founded in Japan in 1984. Tone ¦ selling since 1987 is also used by many professional cartoonists. DELETER INC. has extensive experience in publishing posting magazines, sponsoring exhibitions in and outside the country. We sell a variety of goods to 500 stores in Japan and 65 countries abroad, mainly paint shops. ¦ Tone ... Product name: DELETER Screen. A special sheet printed with various patterns. It is often used in expressing colors and textures of objects with black and white manga. There are about 700 types of DELETER tones. They are often used for patterns such as clothes, backgrounds, clouds, ocean expressions, and expressions of atmosphere and effects in cartoons. [Products] Marker / Drawing Pen, DELETER Screen, DELETER Junior Screen, Paper for Manga, Tone (Set for Beginners), Pen Tip, Ink, Comic Painting Material, Collaboration Comic Item. [DELETER Screen] The DELETER screen colors works in various scenes. It can be used widely from a pro to an amateur. [Manga manuscript paper] DELETER manuscript paper can be chosen according to size and usage. DELETER's manuscript paper is a fine quality paper that is hard to get pen sticky and hard to blur ink. [Tone for beginners / Manga introductory kit for Beginners] The manga tool is the best set for those who are planning to draw manga from now on.

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