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Categoría: Juguetes vehículos de fundición a presión

Hot Wheels id Smart Track Upgrade Kit (Color: Multi)

(Hot Wheels id Smart Track Upgrade Kit)

Requires Additional Purchase of the Hot Wheels Id Race Portal.
This kit is designed for consumer who already own the Hot Wheels id Race Portal.
Hot Wheels id takes vehicle play to a new level of pulse-pounding excitement, offering a first-of-its kind mixed play experience..
Combine the Smart Portal and id vehicles (each sold separately) with the Smart Track Upgrade Kit for the ultimate id experience.
Compatible with classic track, too!.
Kids can measure performance, track speed, count laps, identify vehicles and play mini-games..
Measure progress -every mile driven, race won, stunt performed and high speed reached is recorded.
With every milestone conquered, kids' racing prowess is boosted..
Compatible with other Hot Wheels track sets (sold separately) for building out epic stunts and a world of racing play..

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Precio: Q1,789


Hot Wheels id Smart Track Upgrade Kit (Color: Multi) Hot Wheels id Smart Track Upgrade Kit (Color: Multi) Hot Wheels id Smart Track Upgrade Kit (Color: Multi)
Hot Wheels id Smart Track Upgrade Kit (Color: Multi) Hot Wheels id Smart Track Upgrade Kit (Color: Multi)
Hot Wheels id Smart Track Upgrade Kit (Color: Multi)

Descripción del fabricante

Hot Wheels id is a unique system of play that blends the exhilaration of Hot Wheels racing with a safe, connected platform of creativity, experimentation and competition. It all starts with one-of-a-kind racers that have an embedded NFC chip giving each a unique identity. Download the free app and measure performance on a smart phone or tablet. Mini collection racers compatible with Hot Wheels id feature Speed Demons including Corvette C7R, SRT Viper GTS-R, 2016 Mercedes AMG GT; and Aston Martin One-77; as well as the Street Beasts: Howlin' Heat, Motosaurus, Shark Hammer 2.0 and Arachnorod. Each sold separately and subject to availability. Hot Wheels id is the revolutionary way to play with Hot Wheels vehicles and track. Great gift for ages 8 years and older. Colors and decorations may vary.

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