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Categoría: Hogar - alarmas de humo

Smoking Smoke Detector/Fire Alarm Tester

#1 Best Selling Smoke Detector Tester In 2018.
Extension pole and smoke can NOT included.

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Smoking Smoke Detector/Fire Alarm Tester Smoking Smoke Detector/Fire Alarm Tester Smoking Smoke Detector/Fire Alarm Tester
Smoking Smoke Detector/Fire Alarm Tester Smoking Smoke Detector/Fire Alarm Tester
Smoking Smoke Detector/Fire Alarm Tester

Descripción del fabricante

Professionally redesigned and custom made Constructed of high quality electrically non-conductive PVC material Enclosed delivery test cup contains smoke around the detector extending usage and lowering cost per test The ONLY tester that increases detector sensitivity, specificity and extends life by blowing dust and debris out of the detector The ONLY tester on the market able to clear smoke residue from detectors using the transparent flexible rubber bellow test cup as a plunger - for those annoying detectors that get stuck in alarm and won't reset. Bellow head allows for hands free testing by acting as a shock absorber, pinning the pole between ceiling and floor Fits all common sized smoke cans up to 2.5 in diameter Magnetic insert prevent aerosol can from falling out for testing of sub-floor detectors and VESDA's Attachable to any standard thread broom or painters pole to fulfill your job requirements - typically available from any hardware store up to 30 feet long in metal or fiberglass Approved for use anywhere by NFPA 72 standards Won't leak smoke/oil residue on you while testing Lighter weight, easier to use, more durable and compact than the competition Unbeatable bargain compared to other leading brands (Solo pole:$300-$1200, Versa:$300) ***Extension Pole and smoke can NOT Included Excellent for use in high airflow areas 100% satisfaction/money back guarantee 100 Million year warranty (not transferable) Authorized dealer for SmokeCheck NOT a life safety device Used only to test the functionality of your smoke detectors

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