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Categoría: Herramientas eléctricas - fresadoras

Wood-Mizer LT10 Portable Sawmill (Color: Wood-Mizer Orange)

(Wood-Mizer LT10 Portable Sawmill)

Longitud de corte de registro: 11 '.
Diámetro de corte de registro - 24 ".
Dimensiones del producto - 14'4 "L x 5'5" W x 5'11 "H.
Peso: 660 lb (299 kg).
Hojas - .042 "x 1.25" x 144 ".

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Precio: Q55,669

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Wood-Mizer LT10 Portable Sawmill (Color: Wood-Mizer Orange) Wood-Mizer LT10 Portable Sawmill (Color: Wood-Mizer Orange) Wood-Mizer LT10 Portable Sawmill (Color: Wood-Mizer Orange)
Wood-Mizer LT10 Portable Sawmill (Color: Wood-Mizer Orange)

Descripción del fabricante

The LT10 is an affordable personal sawmill for weekend sawyers. Woodworkers, farmers, furniture makers, and homesteaders who love the idea of sawing their own lumber, find the LT10 exceeds all expectations for an entry-level bandmill. The simple and sturdy LT10 sawmill makes sawing easy with the ability to produce lumber up to 160 board feet per hour from 24 diameter by 11' long logs. In order to saw longer logs, an unlimited number of 7' bed extensions can be added to extend the sawmill bed to any required cutting length. Loaded and turned manually with a cant hook (sold separately), logs are secured on the convenient low bed profile by four adjustable side supports and log clamp. With help from an air assist lift, the head height is precisely positioned by a hand crank. The blade is engaged manually and saws through the log by steadily pushing the saw head down the track with the heavy-duty push bar feed system. Blade lubrication is also activated by hand to help keep your blade clean and free of pitch build up. Once the cut is completed, the head is raised, pulled back and lowered into position for the next cut. Wood-Mizer thin-kerf blades require minimal energy, so the standard 10HP gas engine provides the necessary power to cut all wood types from hardwoods to softwoods. The LT10 sawmill ships on a pallet, comes with a single Wood-Mizer bandsaw blade, and requires minimal assembly time so you can start sawing within a few hours of receiving your mill. Offering a 30-day money back guarantee and a 2-year sawmill warranty, the LT10 sawmill is also backed by the same legendary service, quality and safety features shared by the rest of the family of Wood-Mizer mills.

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