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Categoría: Herramientas - serruchos

Japanese Steel Woodworking Saw Set (9-1/2" Ryoba Saw, 6" Flush Cutting Saw, 5" Detail Trim Saw)

REPLACEABLE BLADE RYOBA - 9.5" blade length, with one side of the blade filed with fine teeth for cutting across the grain, and the other is coarser for ripping along the grain..
FLUSH CUTTING SAW - This 6" long blade with 24 TPI will cut off flush pegs, through-tenons, and other exposed waste parts of joints absolutely flush.
An extremely flexible blade with no set, it will not mark the adjacent surface..
JAPANESE DETAIL TRIM SAW - A 9" fine-toothed very narrow blade and a walnut handle.
The 18 TPI blade is 4.25" long and 5/16" wide..
THREE SAW SET - This 3-pack of wood cutter blades will cover any use you can think of.

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Japanese Steel Woodworking Saw Set (9-1/2 Ryoba Saw, 6 Flush Cutting Saw, 5 Detail Trim Saw)

Descripción del fabricante

Japanese saws cut quickly and smoothly - are a joy to use. Because they cut on the pull (not the push) stroke, the blade is in tension during use, so it can be thinner with a much finer kerf. Bowing is eliminated, and set can be minimized. Great control over the cut is the result. We recommend these three saws as they are the ones you use 99% of the time. They are all made to our specifications.

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