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Categoría: Herramientas - perforadoras

EURO TOOL (PLR-133.5) 1.8mm EUROPUNCH Plier (Tamaño: 1-Pack)

(EURO TOOL (PLR-133.5) 1.8mm EUROPUNCH Plier)

Specifics - These 1.8mm hole punch pliers are crafted from thick carbon steel providing superior quality and performance..
The overall length of these pliers are 5-1/4" (135mm) and weight only .25 pounds..
Along with these great value pliers comes two replacement pins.Creates Round 1.8mm Diameter Holes.
Uses - These easy to use pliers will accurately punch 1.8mm holes in soft sheet metal up to 18 gauge thick..
Superior Quality - EURO TOOL products are the pinnacle of quality, and stand alone at the top in the industry of craft, hobby, DIY project and jewelry tools.
Make sure your tools have the name EURO TOOL..


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EURO TOOL (PLR-133.5) 1.8mm EUROPUNCH Plier (Tamaño: 1-Pack) EURO TOOL (PLR-133.5) 1.8mm EUROPUNCH Plier (Tamaño: 1-Pack)

Descripción del fabricante

EURO TOOL is very proud to present this 1.8mm EUROPUNCH Plier. EURO TOOL 1.8mm hole punch pliers will punch copper or silver as thick as 18 gauge. With ergonomic handles and tempered replaceable pin, these pliers will save you time and money. The pliers are made of thick carbon steel and come with an extra replaceable pin. Additional replacement pins available in packs of five (EURO TOOL (PLR-133.51)). This plier is 5-1/4 (135mm) in length. You will be amazed at the level of accuracy and ease these punch pliers will perform at over and over again. EURO TOOL stands for excellence and is confident the quality, usefulness and durability of your EURO TOOL item will exceed your level of expectation. Please make sure your item has the EURO TOOL name. If you have received an item without the name EURO TOOL please return the item, with according feedback, to the seller who has provided you a knockoff.

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