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Categoría: Fotografía - cabinas

Glow LED Studio-Cube Portable Shooting Tent with Dimmer (17") + 58" 3 Section Tripod with 3-Way Head (Tamaño: 17" Tripod Kit)

(Glow LED Studio-Cube Portable Shooting Tent with Dimmer (17") + 58" 3 Section Tripod with 3-Way Head)

Glow 17" Studio Cube - Diffusor Material - Gray/ Green/ White/ Black Background Set - Power Supply with Dimmer - Power Cable with Inline Switch - Self-Carry Case with Pouch, Glow 2-Year USA Warranty - Video Tripod - Zippered Case - One Year Limited Warranty.
INPUT POWER: 85~265V 50/60 Hz.


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Glow LED Studio-Cube Portable Shooting Tent with Dimmer (17) + 58 3 Section Tripod with 3-Way Head (Tamaño: 17 Tripod Kit)

Descripción del fabricante

The Glow 17 Studio Cube is the one-piece answer for creating photographs of small products with exceptional clarity and that shadow-free presence that is so difficult to achieve, yet so desirable. Built-in brilliant LEDs envelop your items with pure 5400°K color that maintains exposure from shot to shot. Produce photos for online sales, catalogs, auctions or email from angles and perspectives from either of two camera portals. Control of lighting quality is a breeze with diffusion, applied as you like. One of the four included white, grey, black and tan waterproof backgrounds is sure to hit the mark to make the final image or be ready for post-manipulation. The 17 Studio Cube transforms down to a flat transportable carry case, power supply and all. Remember: It isn't the camera; it's the light!

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