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Categoría: Fabricación de jabón - moldes tintes

Sodium Hydroxide for Soapmaking [10 lb]

Includes 10 lb of lye.
Makes approx.
100 lb of soap.
Due to postal regulations, this item can only be shipped Ground to a physical address and cannot ship to AK, HI, or outside of the U.S.
Please see below for more details..

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Sodium Hydroxide for Soapmaking [10 lb]

Descripción del fabricante

Want to make bars of soap? You always start with lye (sodium hydroxide). The lye is blended with a fat such as coconut oil or palm oil. (Use coconut oil if lots of lather is desired.) A chemical reaction called saponification occurs, which produces glycerin and soap. As a result (even though ALL soap is made with lye), there is no lye remaining in a properly made bar of soap.

Lye is made from ashes of hardwood trees and water. Therefore, lye is an all-natural product. The benefit of making your own soap is that you can stick with natural ingredients and still have effective soap with all the suds you want!

CAUTION: Sodium hydroxide (lye) is very dangerous prior to saponification. When making soap, wear eye protection and cover your skin.

IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTE: Due to postal regulations, this item must ship via Ground only to a PHYSICAL ADDRESS. It cannot be shipped to a PO Box. It also cannot be shipped via air. Unfortunately, this item cannot be shipped to Alaska (AK), Hawaii (HI) or to any country outside of the United States. Any order to restricted areas will be canceled. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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