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Categoría: Costura

ALEX Toys Craft Knot A Quilt Kit

No corte ni costura simplemente anudando.
Crear un super suave edredón pulgadas 42 x 54.
Parents 'Choice Aprobado ganador del premio.
Incluye 35 flecos 9 cuadrados pulgadas.
Recomendado para niños de 3 años de edad y mayores.
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ALEX Toys Craft Knot A Quilt Kit ALEX Toys Craft Knot A Quilt Kit ALEX Toys Craft Knot A Quilt Kit
ALEX Toys Craft Knot A Quilt Kit
ALEX Toys Craft Knot A Quilt Kit

Descripción del fabricante

Alex Toys Knot-A-Quilt.
The ALEX Knot-A-Quilt is an easy way to instantly create a super soft quilt. There is absolutely no cutting, sewing or knitting involved! Simply tie the pre-cut fringe squares together one by one. The fleece squares come in 6 bright colors. Kids will be able to knot a 3.5 foot by 4.5 foot quilt in no time!

girl with quilt

Cuddle up with a super soft fleece quilt.
precut quilt squares

Precut quilt squares make it easy- just knot the fringe together.
Just Knot!
ALEX® craft kits emphasize simple and fun activities for kids. The Knot-A-Quilt requires no cutting, sewing or knitting. All your child needs to know is how to tie a simple knot. The quilt kit includes bright and colorful pre-cut fringed fleece squares in pink, orange, yellow, green, turquoise and purple. Kids will have fun laying out their patterns and passing the time connecting all the squares into a snuggly keepsake quilt. Because the finished product is so beautiful and functional, they will feel especially proud of their creation.

Time to Craft!
The ALEX® Knot-A-Quilt makes a super great gift. It''s the perfect kit to bring along to a slumber party for a night of crafting. Friends can help lay out the pieces and plan the pattern before connecting the squares edge to edge. This kit also makes a great rainy day activity. Kids won’t get bored knotting the fringes together, improving their manual dexterity as their knotting skills become second nature and their quilt takes shape.

Super Soft, Super Fun!
Each brightly colored square measures nine inches by nine inches. All are pre-cut, so there is no preparation work involved. The printed instructions are simple to follow, but if your child needs a little extra help or direction assembling the quilt, step-by-step video instructions are available for viewing online at www.alextoys.com. The final quilt can be used as a bedspread or a cozy blanket, and is the perfect gift for the beginning quilter.

What''s In The Box?
48 squares of 100% polyester fleece (9in /22cm) and easy instructions. Video instructions are available online at www.alextoys.com.

girl 2 with quilt

A full size quilt that you make yourself! No cutting or sewing!


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