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Código de este producto: 7651000

Categoría: Coche sintonizador de audio y video

Pioneer DEH-S6220BS CD Receiver

Bluetooth incorporado para llamadas manos libres y transmisión de audio.
compatible con la aplicación Smart Sync de Pioneer para funcionalidad multimedia.
funciona con el sintonizador de radio satelital SiriusXM.

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Antes: Q1,399

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Pioneer DEH-S6220BS CD Receiver Pioneer DEH-S6220BS CD Receiver Pioneer DEH-S6220BS CD Receiver

Descripción del fabricante

Pioneer Smart Sync taps into the power of your phone Touchscreen multimedia receivers make it easy to enjoy features like navigation, smartphone access, and music control. Thanks to Pioneer's Smart Sync app, you can enjoy many of these advantages with Pioneer's DEH-S6220BS CD receiver.With the Smart Sync app and your smartphone, your nav apps, messages, music, and more are on tap through a well-designed interface that puts these features at your command. If you need directions, one push of a button willlink you toapps like Waze or Google Maps which you can control with your voice. Or you can easily check your messages and place a call. Into great sound quality?You can even access a 31-band EQ with Smart Sync. To learn more, head over to www.pioneer-carglobal.com/pss . Music fromyour iPhone or Android Connect your Apple or Android phone to this Pioneer's front-panel USB input andyou'll be able to access your playlists with the receiver's controls. You'll enjoy excellent sound quality and you won't have to pick up the phone whenever you want to skip a track. You'll also enjoy control over your favorite Pandora stations or Spotify on your Android phone or iPhone from this receiver. Turn on the color If you'reinstalling a new car stereo in yourdash, youwant to make sure it looks good. And the first step in that process isensuring a perfect match between the colors of your dash and your new receiver. This CD receiver allows you to choose from thousands of colors for the display and controls - you can even choose different colors for each. Not all Bluetooth is created equal I love Bluetooth in my car. Once behind the wheel, I get instant access to my favorite tunes, music services, and podcasts from my phone without having to plug in. And I can take phone calls without worrying about holding my phone while driving.

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