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Categoría: Coche sintonizador de audio y video

Pioneer GM-DX975 75W x 4 + 600W x 1 Car Amplifier

200 vatios RMS x 2 en puente a 4 ohmios 600 vatios RMS x 1 a 2 ohmios.
Los controles remotos con cable aumentan los graves (0-18 dB a 50 Hz) para el canal secundario.
Filtro subsónico variable y refuerzo de graves.

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Pioneer GM-DX975 75W x 4 + 600W x 1 Car Amplifier Pioneer GM-DX975 75W x 4 + 600W x 1 Car Amplifier Pioneer GM-DX975 75W x 4 + 600W x 1 Car Amplifier

Descripción del fabricante

Cool power station Pioneer's handsome GM-DX975 five-channel amplifier can power your entire car audio system, sending 75 watts RMS to each of your front and rear speakers while delivering up to 600 watts RMS to your sub. Highly efficient Class D technology keeps this powerful amp running as cool as it looks, and allows for a small chassis that fits in a lot of out-of-the-way spaces. The frequency response of the full-range channels stretches up to 50,000 Hz, so it'll support crystal-clear, Hi-Res playback.And this limited-edition amp uses high-grade electronic parts and gold-plated RCA connections to ensure maximum performance. Versatile amp You can also create a strong front soundstage with bass by putting your GM- DX975 into 3-channel mode, sending 200 watts RMS each to a set of high-performance components up front, for example, plus 600 watts to a sub. Connecting and tuning made simple Speaker-level inputs allow you to install this amp in a factory system with no RCA connections - the amplifier switches its input mode automatically when it detects the high-level signal, eliminating the need to run a turn-on lead to your receiver or fuse box. Built-in high- and low-pass filters let you adjust the sound for your vehicle's interior, and a wired remote boost that lets you control the amount of bass boost from the front seat.

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