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Vitalsox Silver Drystat Graduated Compression Socks (2 Pack), Green/Green, Small (Color: Green/Green, Tamaño: Small)

(Vitalsox Silver Drystat Graduated Compression Socks (2 Pack), Green/Green, Small)

Vitalsox exclusive- silver dry stat- Vitalsox Technical performance material designed using quick drying Polypropylene Infused with silver to resist and Stop the growth of bacteria and fungus.
Maximum circulation- The feet are the furthest point from your heart by increasing fresh oxygenated blood to your damaged tissues by up to 40% faster recovery time performance is enhanced.
Ideal range- is the most beneficial for running, Cross fit, walkers, pregnancy, maternity, vein support, marathons, sports, gym, yoga, Spartan, standing, working, sitting, or even while you sleep.
Every pair is hand tested in our factory for performance, they are washed in a "chemical free" Fabric softener with a nice fresh scent making our socks "ready to wear" Right out of the box.
100% Authentic- made in Italy- since 1998 Vitalsox real tested graduated compression socks.
Made from start to finish in our own factory never outsourced to the lowest bidders.


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Vitalsox Silver Drystat Graduated Compression Socks (2 Pack), Green/Green, Small (Color: Green/Green, Tamaño: Small)

Descripción del fabricante

Where Are They Made? It really does matter, we make our compression socks in our own factory in Northern Italy, Every part of the quality is controlled from start to finish. Making compression since 1998, Vitalsox has learned many things about the true ideal compression. Testing for maximum circulation we found a graduated compression that is ideal for Athletics, Recovery, and Performance. The US granted us a patent on this ideal Graduated compression, our compression starts at the mid foot, compared to other compression socks that start at the ankle. Hand Tested: Every pair is tested for quality and construction Prewashed In Chemical Free Softener: Manufactured products can come into contact with many contaminants, each pair of socks is washed to be ready to wear. Silver Dry stat: Our exclusive fibers, they are infused with Silver for a all natural way to stop the growth of bacteria and fungus that can grow in your sock. Silver fibers will resist odors even after long training sessions. Designed for: running, Walking, Athletics, Sports, Gym, Yoga, Nurses, Maternity, Working, Standing, Sitting, Driving, Traveling, Flying, or you can even sleep in them. Recovery More Circulation: Quicker recovery since your feet are the furthest away from your heart recovery can be slower than other parts of your body. Fitting And Sizes: We do not offer multiple sized products like S/M or L/XL your product is your actual size, note for more compression size down our socks have 4 way stretch so you can actually fit a Men's size 13 in a medium. Compare the stretch many socks are just 2 way stretch. Reduced Injuries: Shin splints, Achilles and heel cup issues, blisters, plantar fasciitis, blood pooling, perform at your highest level. Customer Service: Vitalsox stands behind our products contact us for any Questions or issues.

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