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Dr. Motion Women's Half-Cushion Compression Socks 5 Pairs (Assort 3) (Color: Assort 3)

(Dr. Motion Women's Half-Cushion Compression Socks 5 Pairs (Assort 3))

8-15mmHg - Mild compression for all day, everyday wear..
High Quality Construction - Each pair is designed and knitted by an expert team with a non-binding cuff and smooth toe seam to ensure durability and comfort..
Graduated Compression - 3 levels of compression to ensure proper support in each part of the leg.
Reduces Swelling, energizes your legs, and reduces pain from varicose veins..
Half-Cushion Sole - Protects the sole of the feet by reducing impact stress..
Ultra-Fresh Treated - Anti-microbial treatment reduces odors and fungus..


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Dr. Motion Women's Half-Cushion Compression Socks 5 Pairs (Assort 3) (Color: Assort 3)

Descripción del fabricante

Tested - Our compression socks feature a tested, Class I mild compression level of 8-15 mmHg. This lower level compression is great for assisting blood flow and support for everyday wear all day. Dr. Motion socks are all knitted with three zones of compression from the ankle to the calf to ensure proper pressure in each part of the leg. This reduces the risk of blood clots and varicose veins. Graduated support relieves tired, aching legs and feet and reduces muscle fatigue.

Comfort - Each pair is knitted with a non binding cuff, providing just enough pressure to keep your socks in its place all day without interfering with blood circulation, so you can wear them all day, everyday comfortably. They are also knitted with a smooth toe seam to remove any discomfort when worn in a tighter shoe.

Design - Dr. Motion strives to offer the largest assortment of fashionable compression socks. Whatever your style, from basic to fun, Dr. Motion is available for you. Prepared by team of talented designers in NY with over 30 years of experience in fashion, you can be sure that the colors and patterns are perfect to match anything in your wardrobe.

Performance - Most pairs of Dr. Motion Everyday Wear compression is knitted with Cotton/Acrylic blended for maximum breathability and durability. Some are knitted with super soft microfiber nylon which reduces foot odor while wicking away moisture and allowing the socks to dry more quickly. All pairs are treated to be antimicrobial to further reduce odors and increase the life of the socks. Whatever your needs, Dr. Motion is ready to help you reach your maximum performance.

Our Goal - We want to promote wellness through compression socks for all with quality, comfort, and style at price points that won't break the bank. Dr.Motion is the most accessible brand of compression socks on the market in every way.

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