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Cosplay Pros Air Dry Moldable Foam Clay (Black, 300G (10.58 oz)) (Color: Black, Tamaño: 300G (10.58 oz))

(Cosplay Pros Air Dry Moldable Foam Clay (Black, 300G (10.58 oz)))

Cosplay foam clay is easy to shape & air dries in about 24 hours..
Attach to props once dry and sand, cut, heat like Eva foam..
Perfect for sculpting custom shapes with high detail..
Sizes range from 150 gram to 300 Gram in both Black & White.


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Cosplay Pros Air Dry Moldable Foam Clay (Black, 300G (10.58 oz)) (Color: Black, Tamaño: 300G (10.58 oz))

Descripción del fabricante

Cosplay Pros Foam Clay is an amazing way to add intricate details to your cosplay build. The clay can be molded into whatever shape you desire. Once you've finished shaping it, simply let it air dry for about 24-48 hours depending on the size of the project. When cures you will notice the clay will have hardened into a dense foam which can then be sanded, heat formed, cut, and glued to your cosplay costume.

  • Very easy to sculpt difficult high detail designs.
  • Dry time is 24-48 hours.
  • Recommend to prime before painting.
  • Easy to sand, cut, and detail because of its high quality, exactly what the best and most experienced cosplayers use. 

Size: 300 Grams or 10.58 Ounes

Color: Black

We strive to provide quality products to those who would otherwise not have access without shopping overseas or out of country for expensive alternatives with long waits. Cosplay Pros was created after years of frustration sourcing quality cosplay supplies in the United States. We feel your struggle and want to help.


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