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Categoría: Céramica - barro arcilla

Sculpey Oven bake clay studio kit, 54pc (Color: Silver)

(Sculpey Oven bake clay studio kit, 54pc)

Innovative tools perfect for all types of clay projects.
Project book included with fun and easy projects.
Bakes in your home oven in just minutes.
Includes 54 Pieces.

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Sculpey Oven bake clay studio kit, 54pc (Color: Silver)

Descripción del fabricante

Kit Includes: Clay Mat- Perfect non-skid silicone work surface for playing with clay. Bonus you can bake right on it. Texture Sheet- Includes 6 mini patterns: City Map, Copper Ceiling, River Rocks, Fish Net, Cheetah and Graphic Flower. Flexible Flower Mold- With different size leaves and petals you can mix and match to a variety of flower options. Metal Cutters- Includes 12 unique geometric shapes. Perfect for jewelry and layering on paper crafting projects. Roller- Perfect for rolling smooth, even sheets of clay. Gloss Glaze- Put a finishing touch on any clay project. Super Slicer- Flexible Blade to make straight and curved cuts and edges. Comes with comfort grip handle. CAUTION: BLADE IS SHARP Clay Tool Starter Kit- Three tools to add shape, detail and texture to all types of clay projects. Clay How to Book- Packed with projects, how to instructions and hits and tips. 10 1oz Sculpey III Clay - 001 White/ 042Black/ 072 Yelloe/ 053 Chocolate/ 063 Blue/ 323 Emerald/ 513 Purple/ 583 Red Hot Red/ 1086 Gold/ 1634 Just Orange 10 1oz Premo Clay- 5001 White/ 5029 Magenta Pearl/ 5035 Bright Green Pearl/ 5038 Peacock Pearl/ 5042 Black/ 5067 Copper/ 5101 Pearl/ 5129 Silver/ 5303 Gold/ 5310 Translucent 10 0.9 oz Souffle Clay- 6001 Igloo/ 6072 Canary/ 6033 Pumpkin / 6042 Poppy Seed/ 6053 Cowboy/ 6063 Lagoon/ 6083 Cherry Pie/ 6323 Jade/ 6503 So 80's/ 6515 Turnip

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