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Categoría: Auriculares - diadema

Playstation VR Bundle Five Game Pack

El paquete incluye auriculares Playstation VR, cámara Playstation, disco Demo 3.0, cupones para: misión ASTRO Bot Rescue, Everybody's golf VR, mundos Playstation VR, Skyrim VR, Resident Evil 7.
Playstation VR aim Controller es compatible con Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR ..
El controlador inalámbrico Playstation dual Shock, los controladores de movimiento de movimiento Playstation, los auriculares inalámbricos Playstation Gold y los auriculares inalámbricos playstationplatinum son compatibles con la misión ASTRO Bot Rescue, el mundo de golf VR de todo el mundo, los mundos Playstation VR ...

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Playstation VR Bundle Five Game Pack Playstation VR Bundle Five Game Pack

Descripción del fabricante

Discover a new world of play. Your heart will race. Your pupils will dilate. Your instincts will kick in and take over as you discover new worlds. This brand-new Bundle features a PS VR headset, a PS Camera, and vouchers for five amazing and popular VR games that offer a variety of worlds to explore, and experiences to be had. Greatness awaits ASTRO Bot rescue mission: developed exclusively for Playstation VR, this critically acclaimed epic platformer takes you on an adventure through space as you run and jump through city skyline, lush jungles, dark caves, and Golden sandy beaches in 20 Unique levels. Skyrim VR: as a full-length open world game for VR from Bethesda games Studios, this epic title offers an unparalleled sense of scale, depth, and immersion, as you battle ancient dragons while exploring rugged mountains, and more! Resident Evil 7 biohazard: survival horror has never been so intense, with this immersive first-person game that allows you to experience high-stakes combat, puzzles, item management and a realistically tense environment to explore. Everybody's golf VR: step on the course like never before, as you play through three incredible courses with tips from your very own caddie, practice your putting on the green or tee off at the driving range to perfect your swing, and more! Playstation VR worlds: prepare to journey through five unique PS VR experiences, ranging from going nose to nose with a great white Shark, to crawling through decaying space hulks, weaving through oncoming traffic, surviving a futuristic sport, or taking part in a gritty London gangster thriller.

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