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Categoría: Accesorios - Energía solar y eólica

Ista Breeze I-700W 48V White - Version 5 Blade Wind Turbine, Windgenerator (Color: White, Tamaño: 48V - Version 5 Blade)

(Ista Breeze I-700W 48V White - Version 5 Blade Wind Turbine, Windgenerator)

[MAIN PARAMETER] ~ Rated Wattage: 700W ; Max Wattage: 7300W ; Blade Number: 3 ; Blade Material: Nylon Glass Fiber ; Wind Wheel Diameter: ; Main Engine Net Magnetic Material: Neodymium Iron Boron ; Cabin Material: Die Casting Aluminum Alloy ; Generator: 3 Phase AC PMG ; Wind Direction Adjustment: Auto Adjust..
[POWERFUL PERFORMANCE] ~ 3Phase AC PMG, permanent magnet generator with low torque, high wind energy utilization factor, an increase of annual power generation.
Low start wind speed; Auto Wind direction adjustment..
[HIGH-QUALITY BLADE] ~ The blade material is synthetically injection molded with high-strength plastic plus 30% Glass fiber element and anti-UV anti-corrosion material.
At the same time, the blade is also designed with aerodynamics to make the rotor run smoothly, reliably and quietly..
[DUAL-BEARING FIXED] ~ With dual bearings, the fan movement is more stable.
Low vibration and low noise.
In addition, with its compact shape, it has the lowest starting wind speed and a larger windward area, enabling it to generate electricity at lower wind speeds..
[WIDE APPLICATION] ~ This wind turbine is coated with a special process that provides excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion under any harsh conditions, with excellent corrosion resistance, water resistance and sand resistance.
It is ideally suited for the leisure sector and is known for charging batteries for boats, gazebos, cabins or mobile homes, as well as for green windmills, home, corporate and industrial energy supplements!.


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Ista Breeze I-700W 48V White - Version 5 Blade Wind Turbine, Windgenerator (Color: White, Tamaño: 48V - Version 5 Blade)

Descripción del fabricante

Robust wind turbine Original iSTA-Breeze i- 700 WDue to the production of glass fiber reinforced plastic, the rotor blades are very durable and stable, at the same time unusually light. The Generator housing is made of aluminum, which guarantees optimal cooling of the generator. The maintenance-free sliding contact (without coal) guarantees a good flow of current and thus no twisting of the cable in the mast. Installation in mast tube by plug connection. Required mast tube nominal diameter: 37mm nominal size! Further technical data further down in the description. Matching charge controllers and masts can be found in our shop!

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