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Categoría: Accesorios - Energía solar y eólica

SBESolarTech 12V Digital Solar Tracker Control Board MK3.1

solid state small surface mount parts.
very reliable and robust.

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SBESolarTech 12V Digital Solar Tracker Control Board MK3.1 SBESolarTech 12V Digital Solar Tracker Control Board MK3.1

Descripción del fabricante

The tracker here takes the best features of all of my other trackers and incorporates them into a tracker with advanced micro computer control. Notable improvements over my analog trackers: - extreme wide angle sensor for mounting not facing the ecliptic, or for north-south tracking - adaptive algorithms for when hooked directly to the output of a way to fast motor - user replaceable fuse for when the friend hooks it up backwards. - thermal management for when the motor is just to much for the tracker, or for dead shorts across the output. - standard fault indicators from my other trackers. - night and low light shutdown to conserve power Videos of operation: http://www.sbesolartech.com/day_sunny.html Note the minimal hunting caused by tree shadows at dawn and dusk. Some is unavoidable, but I have been able minimize it through careful design. http://www.sbesolartech.com/day_cloudy.html Note the minimal hunting. I provide plans and instructions for making the mechanical tracker in the video at with the purchase of a tracker circuit board. This solar tracking controller will drive a motor (9-18V DC @ 4A) to position anything you want to follow the sun on a single axis. For two axis tracking use two of them. It can be used to position solar cells, a reflector to heat water, or anything else. The controller is mounted on the object to be steered with the sensors positioned along the rotational axis. The controller uses a differential sensing approach and can drive the motor in either direction by reversing it's output. You will need to mount this under glass or plastic to protect it from the weather. A glass or plastic jar upside down works pretty good. Wiring instructions are included. You should use limit switches in your design unless what you are controlling is free to move in a full circle, or they are built into your actuators. Optional parking mode can be enabled.

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