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Categoría: Mascotas - suministros

AQUACULTURE NURSERY FARMS Mangrove Tree 18"- 24" Copepod Amphipod Habitat Nutrient Export (24 cnt) (Tamaño: 24 cnt)

(AQUACULTURE NURSERY FARMS Mangrove Tree 18"- 24" Copepod Amphipod Habitat Nutrient Export (24 cnt))

Mangroves for sale and Get Free Shipping.
Saltwater plants or Mangroves trees for refugium and saltwater aquarium tanks..
Provide Habitat for Copepods, Amphipods, Shirmp, Fish..
Maintain water Quality in your Saltwater Tank when you buy Mangroves..
Our Mangroves are grown with beautiful Prop Roots like no where else in the world..
You can add Mangroves for sale to the Main display tank and refugium as well..


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Mangroves ship signature required. If someone is not present to receive, a note will be left, package will be taken back to your post office and held there until you pick it up.This is because live plants can't be left outside in the weather. Red Mangroves are a great nutrient exporter for saltwater reef tank systems. Mangroves provide a habitat for Copepods Amphipods, Shrimp and Crabs and Fish. Take a look at the prop roots in the pictures of our Mangroves.The extensive prop root system will become the natural home for crustaceans. mollusks, and invertebrates. Excellent plant for shrimp tanks. In the wild, shrimp live in the mangrove root system. It is their natural habitat. Great for Shrimp tanks. Amano, Cherry shrimp,Chrystal red shrimp, etc..... Plant some in your betta bowl. Can be grown in freshwater, Saltwater, or brackish water aquariums. Also can be grown in pot with dirt. An attractive plant with flowers.These mangrove trees are a great addition to any Saltwater Aquarium. They will improve water quality immensely. All the waste from fish or uneaten food particles will eventually produce intolerable levels of Nitrogen and phosphates. These are highly poisonous to fish and invertebrates alike. It happens that nitrogen and phosphates are basically fertilizers and very nutritious to plants. So we saltwater hobbyist have begun in recent years to figure out ways to introduce and grow macro algae successfully in our aquarium systems. Fresh water hobbyist have been using plants to beautify and help clean and purify the aquarium water for many years now. Everyone has been trying to grow macro algae (saltwater plants). But a lot of the beautiful reef fishes are constantly picking and eating them. So usually we end up growing them in our refugiums. But this does not allow us to have the plants displayed in an aesthetically pleasing manner, hidden underneath in the sump.

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